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U4U and New Technologies

The U4U urology group is the only one in Greece to carry out the pioneering Biopsy with Fusion technology to detect prostate cancer in order to achieve absolute accuracy in diagnosis and treatment.

It is a pioneering method that exploits the information of multiparameter magnetic tomography and allows targeted biopsy of suspected foci by fusing magnetic sections with ultrasound images in real time.

and team work

Surgeons urologists Andreas Andreou and Athanasios Bekos are the core of the U4U’s top urologists team.

Top Medical

The knowledge and experience of the U4U team is complemented by the most modern surgical equipment in the world to your advantage.


Treatment without surgery is the first goal of U4U. If you need surgery, do not worry, you are in very good hands.

U4U means Knowledge, Experience, Specialization

Each doctor added to the U4U team is already a top specialist in his field.
But as medical research and technology evolve, it is necessary to constantly train all of our doctors on developments and new technologies.
At U4U, we are investing in training and specializing all of our associates for even better
services to you, our patients.

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